Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blog!

Our new blog is up!!!

Check it out!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First trip to the Zoo

On Monday Parker and I met up with his cousins for a day at the zoo.

We saw all kinds of animals as they too seemed to be out enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Four Months!!!

12lbs 11ozs (25%)
24.5 inches long (50%)
16 inch head diameter (25%)

Bottle Time...

Parker took a bottle the day he was born, and for the five days following because we had to give him formula to help clear his jaundice. Because Parker is breastfed, after those initial days we gave him a bottle once a week or so. I found I had to pump 1-3 times to get enough for one feeding, and when he was eating every two hours it didn't leave a lot of time to pump. Due to the infrequency of bottles, it became increasingly difficult for him to take one. About 6 weeks ago, knowing I would be going back to work and Parker would be in some sort of daycare, he would have to take a bottle. So started the search for the right nipple for the big guy. 7 nipples later, we found the right one, but the battle was not over yet. He still was not too keen on eating from a bottle and would put up quite a fuss. I thank the Lord that he blessed me with patience because it was required to get where we are today. After about a month of a bottle a day (we started with only getting down a half an ounce!) Parker will latch to a bottle like a pro. Once en and I could successfully feed him a bottle without fussing, it was time for someone else to try. So, this weekend both Grampa and Mimi fed the big guy a bottle. It was so great to see! Now this means Ben and I can finally both leave Parker without having to worry about his feedings...I see a date night in our near future!!!

Hoppy Easter!!!

Happy Easter! Our Easter started with brunch at Salty's in Seattle with Ben's mom, sister, Jason and Jason's family. After brunch we headed over to Ben's moms house to open our Easter baskets. The three of us then went over to Ben's dads to sit and soak up some beautiful sunrays. I can't remember the last time we had an Easter in the 60's!!! We then drove out to my parents for Easter dinner. All in all in was an absolutely gorgeous day paired with lots of family time. Best Easter I can remember!!!

Parker fell asleep playing with his new hedgehog - apparently chasing Easter bunnies is exhausting!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mini photo shoot

I've had my camera out these past few days giving Parker a mini photo shoot, here are the results :)

Sitting to play

Parker has recently been playing by sitting in his bumbo rather than lying on the ground. This gives everything a whole new look that he seems to be really enjoying! On occasion Parker will actually hold on the edge of his toy and stand, of course with be right there to catch him.

A visit with Auntie Ash!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in the Seattle area reaching up to 66 in the afternoon. Parker and I took that opportunity to head into Seattle to meet Ashley for a walk around Greenlake. After the walk and a feeding, Ashley had a chance to play with Parker. He was all smiles, cooing and showing Ashley his new obsession - his hands. All in all it was the perfect way to spend a gorgeous spring day!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday Ben!!!

This year I made a dark chocolate stout cake with chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry was mighty tasty if I do say so myself! 

We headed over to Ben's dads Sunday for a birthday lunch of Sausage, corn on the cobb and fried potatoes. 

Despite it being Ben's birthday celebration, Parker per usual was the center of attention and received lots of loving from the family. 

On Ben's actual birthday, Parker and I went downtown to meet Ben for a birthday lunch. It was a beautiful day in downtown Seattle!

Next Saturday we will be having a mexican birthday dinner with Ben's mom, Jason and Sis...yummy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tummy Time

For Christmas Great Grandma got Parker a Tummy Time play mat. He is finally strong enough to use it and was all smiles this afternoon!

Happy St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day from our family to yours!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Sunset walk around the lake...

Today Parker and I met Ben after work to walk around Greenlake. It is an absolutely beautiful area, especially around sunset. Parker slept for half the walk, but enjoyed the colors of the sky once he woke up. Greenlake has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit!

Amber Teething Necklace

We recently purchased an amber teething necklace for Parker.

Amber necklaces are made to wear, not to chew. Amber is easily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream when warmed naturally by wearing it against the skin. The external layer of Amber contains Succinic acid, which is natural to the human body and works with the body to support the immune system, reduce pain/infection/inflammation, calms nerves and restores overall health.

Check out Inspired by Finn for more necklaces like Parker's. They also make them for adults.

Ben heads to the mountain...

Last Friday Ben's work invaded Crystal Mountain for a ski day. The snow has really been coming down in the mountains and this was Ben's first time out this year.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mom n Baby Yoga

Today was picture day at mom n baby yoga, here are a few of Parker and his buddies!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recognizing Daddy

On Thursday when Ben came home, Parker was nursing per usual. However, when daddy walked in the room he unlatched, looked up at Ben and gave him the biggest smile.

Moments like these melt my heart!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The walker

YouTube Video

Parker really enjoys standing on people's laps, so we purchased a walker for him to stand and play in. The first video below is him standing on a pile of books (he is not tall enough yet to reach the floor) and the second video is Ben having a bit of fun with him:) he really likes to ride around in his walker!

YouTube Video

Smiley boy :)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

A brisk winter walk

Clear winter days are rare in these parts, so taking advantage of them while we can is key! On Monday, the three of us headed out of a mile walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful clear, crisp winter night. The stars were shining bright and we were able to clearly see Jupiter and Venus by the moon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Parker discovering his toy...

YouTube Video

Recently Parker has been noticing new shapes, colors and moving objects, so this weekend Ben and I went out and purchased some fun for him. This particular toy will grow with him over the years, but because it is still out of reach, we modified it with some additions. So far he seems to be enjoying reaching for the bright colors and turning his eyes/head towards the sounds it makes.

Little Yogis

This photo was taken after Mom n Baby yoga this morning. It is Parker at the top, Charlie in the middle and Harrison at the bottom. These boys are the bestest of friends :)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today while I was at the mall I picked up a few shiny new toys :)
An argyle rhinestone iPhone cover

A plaid rhinestone ipad cover
***I ended up returning the iPad cover because with the weight of the iPand and the raised rhinestones, it was uncomfortable to handle.

This week in Parker's World...

Monday started out with mom n baby yoga with a few of Parker best friends (Charlie and Harrison). It was a great way to work out with my friends and include the little guys. The class is the start of a six week series at the yoga studio were I usually practice. After yoga we headed over to Grampa's for lunch with Auntie Sarah. Parker and I hung out with Grampa all day until daddy came home.

On Tuesday Parker and I hung out around the house and read some books. He enjoyed "Oh the places you'll go" the most, smiling and cooing through the whole book. When Ben got home we went to look at a daycare near our house. While it is difficult to think about going back to work and having to put P in childcare, this place was very inviting. Ben and I were both very impressed with all this facility had to offer, and so was the little guy. 

On Wednesday Parker and I went and looked at two more day cares that were around the corner from my work. Unfortunately neither of us were impressed by what we saw. Parker usually only cries for a purpose, but in both daycares he was not a happy camper - that has to stand for something.  After an unsuccessful daycare hunt Parker and I were off to get momma a new do. I have the most amazing hairstylist, Kelsie (Charlie's mom) and with my trust put fully in her, I allowed her to CHOP my hair. While the process was scary (I've never had my hair this short), the end result was adorable. I am very pleased

Thursday was a playdate with Harrison. What that really means at this age is Amanda and I just sit around and talk while Parker tells Harrison all about his life and they sit around smiling at eachother. It is quite entertaining to watch. 

And then there was Friday...Parker and I spent the afternoon at the mall with my parents walking around, talking, and enjoying eachothers company. I took the picture below in the car today, Parker has been discovering his soccerball lately and today was obviously enjoying looking at it.

When we got home Parker enjoying his time with Ben by sitting in his chair, laying on the floor smiling, standing in daddy's lap and sitting on the windowsill. He was all smiley of course until he got hungry and ready for bed.

Now that Parker is in bed, Ben and I are enjoying a movie and a quiet Friday night.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 weeks...10 pounds!

We have reached a milestone this week, Parker is now 10 pounds! 

Newborn Photos - Anda Photography

These beautiful photographs were taken by our good friends at Anda Photography. This husband and wife team has taken a number of photographs for our family to date so it is only appropriate that they would take some of the first photos of our little angel!

Check out more at Anda Photography