Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bottle Time...

Parker took a bottle the day he was born, and for the five days following because we had to give him formula to help clear his jaundice. Because Parker is breastfed, after those initial days we gave him a bottle once a week or so. I found I had to pump 1-3 times to get enough for one feeding, and when he was eating every two hours it didn't leave a lot of time to pump. Due to the infrequency of bottles, it became increasingly difficult for him to take one. About 6 weeks ago, knowing I would be going back to work and Parker would be in some sort of daycare, he would have to take a bottle. So started the search for the right nipple for the big guy. 7 nipples later, we found the right one, but the battle was not over yet. He still was not too keen on eating from a bottle and would put up quite a fuss. I thank the Lord that he blessed me with patience because it was required to get where we are today. After about a month of a bottle a day (we started with only getting down a half an ounce!) Parker will latch to a bottle like a pro. Once en and I could successfully feed him a bottle without fussing, it was time for someone else to try. So, this weekend both Grampa and Mimi fed the big guy a bottle. It was so great to see! Now this means Ben and I can finally both leave Parker without having to worry about his feedings...I see a date night in our near future!!!

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  1. He looks so big in those pictures. When did that happen?