Friday, April 1, 2011

Headed back to school...

In February I was accepted to the University of Washington to complete my bachelor's degree. I decided that taking 2 years off after completing my associate's in business that it was time to go back. After reviewing the required classes,  I will double majoring in business management and management of information services.

This week was the first week of the quarter. Nerves were definitly on high alert as I headed back to school, but after my first day they were put to ease. I am continuing to work full time and do school in the evenings and while the late nights will likely take a toll on me, I am so thankful to have a great husband waiting for me when I get home! Ben has even started looking at going back to school - so glad I can insprie him. This will be a fun adventure!

A little history...

Ben and I met in 9th grade over a school project for a friend. Ben greeted me as I arrived, and I knew it was love at first site. The relationship grew over the summer and fall months and was cemented when we both attended the same New Year's eve party. Eighteen days later we were dating and have never looked back. Since this time Ben and I have shared the joy of graduating high school and college together, purchasing our first home, marrying the loves of our lives and now a life together as one.

Welcome to our Blog!!!

Ben and I will try to update this on a regular basis with pictures, comments and stories about what is going on in our lives!