Friday, April 1, 2011

Headed back to school...

In February I was accepted to the University of Washington to complete my bachelor's degree. I decided that taking 2 years off after completing my associate's in business that it was time to go back. After reviewing the required classes,  I will double majoring in business management and management of information services.

This week was the first week of the quarter. Nerves were definitly on high alert as I headed back to school, but after my first day they were put to ease. I am continuing to work full time and do school in the evenings and while the late nights will likely take a toll on me, I am so thankful to have a great husband waiting for me when I get home! Ben has even started looking at going back to school - so glad I can insprie him. This will be a fun adventure!

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  1. Cool I am the first follower...I dont know what that means :) I just love your pictures and humor so ha first stalker.