Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Ultrasound Picture and Video

On Friday Ben and I were given another opportunity to see Baby K. I have been consistently measuring about 3 weeks ahead so the doctors wanted to take a look and see how big he really was. Turns out while baby is long, he is still lean and his measurements will not force them to take him early. This comes with mixed emotions as Ben and I were hoping to meet our son sooner rather than later. I guess we will just have to do our part to try to get him here this year. The good news is that our little guy has a strong heartbeat and appears in good health! Two things that we are truly thankful for and do not take for granted! 

Technology is a truly amazing gift that Ben and I took full advantage of at our appointment. We took a little small video here of the ultrasound where you can see the 4 chambers of the heart, his head, stomach, lungs and at the end hear/see his heart beat. During the ultrasound we were able to hear his heartbeat from his brain blood flow as well as the cord blood flow. All of this is a very surreal experience and reminds us that we will be meeting our little guy any time in the next few weeks. 

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