Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The birth story of Parker Timothy

It all started on Friday, December 9th at 4:05am when I was awakened to the feeling that I was peeing, but I couldn't stop it. I quickly woke up Ben and realized that thankfully I had not peed the bed in my sleep, but that my water had broken and we would be meeting our son very soon! We were overwhelmed with joy!!! However, knowing that hard work was ahead, Ben and I decided to take a quick nap until the doctor’s office opened or my labor progressed. Despite the contractions that started shortly after my water broke, I was able to get 3 solid hours of sleep (which will come in handy later). When Ben and I woke, we started tracking my contractions for the next hour, which we coming in average every 3.5 minutes, and lasting about one minute. I was able to feel the baby move throughout the contractions so when we called the hospital to let them know that my water had broken they said to come in when we could. Ben got up and made me breakfast while I took a shower and called our doula Sam. After the shower we headed to Overlake Hospital.

On the drive in, my contractions slowed drastically, but because my water had already broken, we had to continue on to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital, they took a sample to confirm that my water had broken and started monitoring the contractions. Within 45 minutes it was confirmed that my water had broken and I was admitted. Sam arrived, bearing snacks and other creature comforts, eager for the events ahead. Upon admission, I was told that I was 4 cm dilated and had a ways to go. Because my water had already broken, they encouraged me to get moving by walking around the floor. Unfortunately, this did not work and at 4pm I was given antibiotics and told that if things did not progress, I would have to be given Pitocin. I saw the doctor at 8 pm where she told me things had still not progressed, so we went ahead with the induction medication. Almost immediately, contractions started to pick up some belated steam and increased in strength and frequency. At 11 pm they checked me again and I was only at 4.5 cm, so they again increased to the Pitocin. In the next hour I went from 4.5cm to 8.5cm and 80% effaced. During this long day of labor our families were waiting patiently in the waiting room. Sam was keeping notes on everything that was going on in the room and updating the family regularly. She was great about being sure that I was eating and staying hydrated.

Throughout the labor I had Ben and Sam to help me breathe through my contractions and was staying on top of the discomfort in a calming, restful way. I had been battling a sinus and ear infection in the days prior to my labor and the congestion had spread to my chest which was making breathing increasingly difficult. At about 11:30pm my asthma had gotten the best of me when an asthma attack took my lungs hostage and I was no longer able to breathe through my contractions. This was a huge disappointment to me that resulted in many tears and an internal battle to put aside my pride and do what was best for our baby. I could not possibly bring a healthy baby into this world if I and not able to breathe. I decided, with Ben and Sam’s support, that I needed to get an epidural to keep me breathing strong so the baby had enough oxygen for the journey ahead. By 1:00 am the epidural had started to work and I was able to concentrate on bringing our baby into this world.

At 4:30 am, as the lunar eclipse started, it was time to start pushing. With Sam on one side, the nurse on the other and Ben holding my hand, the pushing began. After half an hour, our nurse had to leave the room for a few moments and Ben took her place holding my right leg. As the moon was slowly swallowed by the Earth’s shadow, our baby made his way further and further down the birth canal. Around 5:10, the nurse called the doc to let her know she better be on her way. This baby was coming! Crowning started at 5:25 and the nurse said to stop pushing since the doctor was still 10 minutes away. But at 5:32am, as the earth's shadow completely covered the moon, without a single additional push, Parker Timothy decided to slide his own way out. Our nurse, much to her surprise, delivered Parker while yelling for assistance. As a flurry of 8 nurses rushed into the room, our nurse had to clamp and cut the umbilical cord that had looped itself three times around his neck (which was a complete shock because his heartbeat was nice and strong throughout the entire labor). He was quickly carried away to ensure he was stable and had clear breathing. When Ben and I heard that first cry, tears instantly filled our eyes. He was absolutely perfect weighing in at 5lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. Parker, to date, has surpassed all his tests and has been surprising doctors left and right. I cannot wait to see what other miracles this little guy has in store for us!!!

Our first glimpse at our little prince! 
Our Family!!!


  1. Loved the play by play. Congratulations again! He's beautiful! -Andrea

  2. Wow! AJ & Ben, As I sit and read your blog post I have tears flowing down my cheeks. It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to Bryce ! Again congrats and Merry Christmas !! Laurel Baker

  3. Wow as I read your post, I remember Ben when you started at QBE fresh out of college, you then married the love of your life and now you are parents. It's the best and worst job in the world and you will cherish every minute of it. Congrats to both!!