Monday, October 17, 2011

Our first Sounders FC game!

On Saturday we attended our first Sounders game. OK fine, it was Ben's second game and my first :) The game was unlike any other sporting event I have ever been to. The fans seemed genuinely there because they enjoyed the sport! I did not realize that when I bought the tickets that this was Kasey Keller's (our goalie) last home game. The games total attendance was 64,140!!! That is the most fans to have attended a soccer game in the US! I have never seen so many soccer fans in my life. It was amazing. In the last 15 minutes we scored 2 goals winning the game. I am bummed that it took us this long to get to such and incredible event, but we will not be missing out next year. I can't wait to share this incredible experience with Baby Koske - since he will of course be a soccer player...He is practicing his kicks daily :)

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