Friday, October 7, 2011

My first baby shower!

Last Sunday was my first baby shower hosted by the wonderful and amazing Rachel and Jessica. The girls transformed my house into a dream home with beautiful decorations, sweet treats and great guests. 
The girls started off the party with a drinking game. The one to drink the most orange juice (and vodka if they chose) from the bottle in the allotted time won! This was quite entertaining to watch! Apparently is it not an easy task, Kirsten mentioning that she could not feel her lips.
The ever so popular "how big is my mommy" game was next. Everyone seemed to over guess by almost the exact same amount! Except Sam...she was able to tie a bow with her leftovers while apologizing profusely :)
Next came the disgusting and yet amusing game of what candy bar is melted inside this diaper. Jess and Rachel only had one tragedy while melting the candy bars, they burnt the twix bar nearly catching it on fire! Interestingly enough the house smelled like smores - a delish smell really.

The afternoon ended with the opening of so many adorable presents that I cannot wait to use! When Ben came home I was able to go back through all the presents and get even more giddy that in less then three months we will be meeting our little guy!!!

This was the delicious sweets table!

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  1. It was a fabulous day! Love the pics and the commentary! Can't believe it is October already!!! Baby K will be here before you know it!